Edwin's Antioxidant Chocolate-Banana Smoothie

Raw cocoa powder is a very good source of antioxidants and tastes absolutely great in a banana smoothie. Here is my recipe:

4 to 6 Very ripe bananas
1 level T raw cocoa powder
Cold water (to taste, start with 1½ cup)
Crushed ice (optional)

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Pack love

Dogs recognize some people as fellow dogs.  

                                                                                      ---Jim Ross

I was training for backpacking, in my beloved Yosemite, at my local park when I met a pair of dogs as they passed me with their people.  I gave my customary greeting, "Hi Buddies."  They stopped briefly for some rubs and cruised on ahead.  The yellow lab buddy stopped a few yards ahead and looked back at me as if to say, "Come on you are part of the pack."  The owner said she only stops for certain people. 

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Have you asked yourself?

Have you asked yourself can life get better for me? What can I do to create more adventure and depth of happiness in my life? The answer is to know and practice daily that you are the creator of your  life. Visualization is the magic key to feeling your way to experiencing the life of your dreams.

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Willingness and intention=free cupcakes

I walked into the store fully intending to get a free replacement for my defective cupcake.  I walked into the store fully prepared to pay for a replacement cupcake. When I pulled out my money the clerk said, "Oh please just take it-it is on the house!"  

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