Building Habits of Abundance

To change habits requires some positive feedback for behaviors and habits which will take you to who and where you want to be.

  • Key Action Items to start with:
    • Notice how you feel when you stick to your commitments.
    • Join or create a support group which will acknowledge you as you acknowledge them. You4ia!  is a great place to find co-creators.
    • Reward yourself when you achieve a goal. Celebrate!
  • Develop a system of saving and investing
    • Be consistent with saving
    • Set up a special fund and put all your shopping savings into it.
    • Bonus item: spreadsheet to calculate savings
    • Invest in yourself - take some classes in what interests you and can help you create abundance
    • Find role-model investors
  • Spending in abundance – making your money go farther
    • Develop your “dealdar” (radar for deals)
    • Underspend to generate positive cash flow
    • Energy efficiency – home energy audit
    • Make fuel efficiency a priority for car purchase
    • Avoid the bleeding edge
    • Craig's List, Ebay, yard sales, flea markets, charity stores. Recently I bought a nice pair of casual slacks and a pair of nearly new $90 Doc Marten shoes at a charity store for the horrendous sum of $3. Imagine what abundance you can generate when you shop that way habitually! The important thing here is to keep it fun.
    • Exercise your free-dom. There is a ton of free stuff out there now, and many times there are no strings attached. Check out if in the USA.
    • Set intentions for finding incredible deals
    • Set up a special fund and put all your shopping savings into it.
  • Creating value
    • Find your passion and play in that arena.
    • Create value-creating systems. Automate to produce value.
    • Give valuable stuff away for free to attract a following
    • Surprise your customers (or boss) by delivering more than promised or expected.
    • Develop a valuable personal brand.
    • What-if-up-it!
    • Explore market niches – unfulfilled needs
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