Celebrate the Positive

“Talent is always conscious of its own abundance, and does not object to sharing.”
---Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Celebrating the positive in your life opens your being to receive more, and inspires your imagination and creativity. Exploring new ways of celebration helps to expand your being beyond your comfort zone, so that you can receive more. Do you remember a time when you were celebrating and happy and wanted to take a “risk” of trying something you have never done before? Perhaps it was just saying “Hi” or “Nice Day!” to a stranger. How great did that feel?

Make a list of positive things in your life. Then choose one or more of the following ways to celebrate them (remember to be aware of your feelings when you do these):

  • Share your passion for what you love by telling your friends or co-creators about it.
  • If you are musical, write a song about them and sing it to your friends.
  • Draw or paint them or make a collage with magazine cut-outs and have your own private art show
  • Make a video about them and post it on a social network like http://you4ia.com
  • Enjoy them by noticing and taking advantage of opportunities when they come up

You can repeat this process periodically with a different positive thing and different creative options from the above list.