Information Abundance

"If I have seen far, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants"

--Sir Isaac Newton

We have an abundance of information which is expanding exponentially. Megabytes have given way to gigabytes which have given way to terabytes, and even exabytes are being discussed.  We now have an "anything box", a computer or hand-held device connected to the Internet, from which we can access almost any information we can imagine.  And don't forget about your local library, which has resources and knowledge to help you with what you need, usually at no cost.

Information can be leveraged through analysis and recombination, creating knowledge and new products. Information can leverage your resources by many times.

Here is just one example of how information can leverage financial resources:

How many times have you purchased an item for the full price, only to discover a less expensive source for the same item? Or a higher quality item for the same price?  Practice: Before impulse buying, invest some time discovering alternative sources for a product or service you need. Potential sources:

  • Charity and 2nd-hand stores
  • Yard sales, rummage sales
  • Ebay and other online auctions
  • Live auctions
  • Craig’s List. and other ad sites (search for Craigslist alternatives”)
  • Friends and neighbors
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Freecycle (see to find the freecycle group near you)
  • Radio "Trading Post" shows

On more expensive purchases, use the Internet or your local library to find and analyze different options, using Consumer Reports and similar resources. Keep in mind remember: quality and longevity is often more important than price. It is value in relation to price you are looking for.

Happy shopping!

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