Intentions Are Powerful

Believe me, you can have anything you want--and in abundance-when you learn to tune into the power within, an infinitely greater power than electricity, a power you have had from the beginning.

~ Roger McDonald (from Message of a Master)

Some years ago, in an alternative financial workshop I attended, I was instructed to write a "vow of poverty" in conjunction with setting up a spiritual ministry or church.  So I wrote it up and signed it. In the next year, 2001, I lost nearly all my life savings in some investments that in retrospect I realized were extremely risky. Fast forward to 2006: I decided that I'd had enough of the poverty vibration and burned my vow of poverty document. Then I wrote up a replacement document with an intention of abundance. The very next day, I received an unexpected check in the mail for over $17,000!  

Make it real for you: 

Ask yourself the following:

Which of the following is my vibration when I contemplate future financial abundance
I'm afraid it will never happen.
I'm angry it hasn't manifested yet.
I don't really care.
This feels really good.
Now repeat the question above for health and relationships
If your answer wasn’t “this really feels good”,  how can you shift your thinking about your wealth, health, or relationships get to the “feels really good” state? 
 Practice shifting your thinking in ways that make you feel good.