Law of Attraction: Fact or Fiction?

Many readers know Law of Attraction at a deep level and for others it is a new and foreign topic. Law of Attraction: That which is like itself is drawn.  Simple.  What evidence do we have that that is a fact?

For those practiced in LOA principles find joy and delight in the simplest of moments that to them show LOA in action.  The phone call from the friend you were thinking of a moment before.  The lights all green all the way home.  The dog barking in the grocery store parking lot reminding you to pick up your laundry---not really--the dog food.

Abu-Dance is about emotional state creation and thought creation that attracts wealth.  Wealth of all facets. Before we can talk about that process it is encumbent on us to lay the ground work of understand of principles and beliefs about LOA so those that "get it" can deepen their experience and those that are new students can be begin to notice LOA at work in their lives.  

Come here to our blog and get a bit more each day, each week and each month of the principles and evidence that supports the belief that Law of Attraction, serendipty and coincidinks are real.  Not just real---actual tools at your command to create the life you have dreamed about and continue to dream.  

Welcome to this moment.  Notice your feelings.  What do you want?

Until next time...