Law of Attraction Stories: mine and yours!

When you practice the thoughts of the things that you desire they must show up in your experience.  It is Law. ---Abraham

Stories of connection, attraction, serendipity and coincidence are the evidence, the proof, that Law of Attraction is at work/play all the time everywhere.  

For the savvy Abraham follower they are fun, playful and inspiring. Even more for the uninitiated they are the AH HA moment!  The beginning of understanding that our thoughts are things and that our feelings our guides.  The sublime moment of noticing you are noticing for the first time!

I was at at Mt. Hood ski resort in Oregon and found my arms full of stuff for the coin operated locker and alas no quarters on my person.  My money and friend were nowhere to be found so rather than wander around arms loaded or leave my belongings unattended I made a decision.  I would intend (invoke the power of LOA) to find the two quarters right away and close at hand.  Voila!  In thirty seconds of checking the locker room floor I had the coins I needed and was off to the slopes.

This was a real life example of a proactive "asking" the Universe for support.  Hardly a day goes by, seemingly passively, when I don't find coins or other necessary devices on my path.  Of course it never is really passive as the Universe is always answering our emotionally activated intentions even though I asked but once a long time ago.

I look forward to your LOA stories in your comments.



 PS: Edwin you got your wish or should I say your intention :)