Pack love

Dogs recognize some people as fellow dogs.  

                                                                                      ---Jim Ross

I was training for backpacking, in my beloved Yosemite, at my local park when I met a pair of dogs as they passed me with their people.  I gave my customary greeting, "Hi Buddies."  They stopped briefly for some rubs and cruised on ahead.  The yellow lab buddy stopped a few yards ahead and looked back at me as if to say, "Come on you are part of the pack."  The owner said she only stops for certain people. 

Well I have gotten that before so was not surprised as I caught up and off we went.  She stopped again.  Waiting for me and looking forlornly as if she missed me already. The by now embarrassed person switched her leash to the more aggressive collar point and marched ahead determined to keep up their fast hike pace.  I dropped back with my heavy training pack enjoying the climb.

Now the lab person was flummoxed.  The third time my now bonded lab pack member stopped the people confabed and agreed that I should go on ahead.  I was now the pack leader, the alpha male and all was fine in the world of people and dogs. 

Some dogs I meet and "rub up" make my hands tingle with energy while others stop, over and over again, to affirm my place in their pack as a fellow dog.  What ever this connection is about, one thing I know is that we are all energy beings more so than physical beings and that this exchange is going on all around us.  All the time.  

So notice.

Feel it. 

And smile.

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