Sand in my pockets

"When you tug on anything you find it hitched to everything in the Universe."  John Muir

Ahh back from the wilderness of the Yosemite backcountry.  Upon my return from the forest and mountains I found some pebbles and bits in my pockets and saved them on my altar.  

Beyond "leave no trace" it is incumbent on us to leave all the rocks and shrubs and especially artifacts where they lay.  

I broke the rule this time and did bring a wonderful small stone home that first caught my eye in the campground and remembered long after I saw it.  I chose to take it on loan from the park I visit many times each year and plan to return it on an upcoming trip.

Isn't fun to have things you see, feel, touch call out to you!  This is the first time a small rock called to me hours after I first saw it.  Your life and your dreams are those as well and if you take the time to notice and listen there are messages just everywhere.   

Smiles, Jim

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