Wait for it...wait for it...

I was in the queue for the gas pump and trying to remember which side of the car the tank is on and made my move...oops.  The other car cut me off. We did the ring around the gas station dance. With all the pumps full, frustrated and impatient,  I drove off.  

In my mirror I saw that had I waited, just a bit, I would have been in and done.  At the next station I lined up my car and my intention and said to myself, "Wait for it."  Fifteen seconds later: voila!  I zoomed right to the perfect pump!  

My brother clearly inteneded a parking spot in front of a chocolate shop in the heart of Northbeach, San Francisco.  Can you say, "Tough place to park?" A spot opened as he arrived and he noticed it was a few cars back from the store and in his certainty passed on the easy spot and waited a moment.  Sure enough a car pulled out in front of the store with money on the meter.   

There is merit in go-go-go or charge ahead and there is merit in taking a breath.  Giving things asked for  a chance to align. Trust in the great intentions you are daily launching into the Universal continuum and don't settle for less than you asked for because you can have and do deserve it all!

Wait for it. 

Wait for it.


What we intend shows up.


Jim Ross




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