Willingness and intention=free cupcakes

I walked into the store fully intending to get a free replacement for my defective cupcake.  I walked into the store fully prepared to pay for a replacement cupcake. When I pulled out my money the clerk said, "Oh please just take it-it is on the house!"  


Internal high five!

Would I have gotten the free cupcake without my intention for a free cupcake?

Would I have gotten the free cupcake without my willingness to pay?

These questions are fundamental to the workings of law of attraction.  In my life experience I get free stuff all the time, almost everyday, as I love free gifts coming to me.  In fact the love, the emotional feeling place, is equally or even more powerful than the intention itself.  That said, there is a synergy between intention and emotion that cannot be denied.  

So were does willingness come into the picture?  Simple.  It is the act of letting go and allowing.  It says I am going to get it no matter what no matter how getting it looks. Why not stack the co-creative deck in you favor and employ the dynamic team of intention and willingness in all you ask for in life.

This is the fundamental place to play for attracting everything you want: ask; feel the joy of it coming to you before it is here and let it go and give the results up the the great Univeral Manager.  

U.M.  UM is pretty close to OM and quite close to Yum which works for everything including cupcakes.



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