Enjoy Your Exercise

When designing your own exercise program, the most important thing to consider is do you enjoy it? If you enjoy it, you will keep doing it without constant self-reminders. Maybe you love swimming, tennis, basketball, hiking, cycling -- find your passion and go with it. Not only will you keep on your program, you will bring joy and lightness to your life.

Personally, I take a nature hike with my dogs every morning, and I love to work in the garden, digging new beds, weeding, etc. These activities give me enjoyable times and a variety of exercise.

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Attracting Resources in Abundance

Abundance sometimes comes as "stuff" (needed or wanted items) rather than cash. Often you can obtain items you want for pennies on the dollar, or even free . This keeps more funds available for the “jars” system or other savings system you may employ. Keep your eyes open and allow what you need to come into your life experience.

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Sand in my pockets

"When you tug on anything you find it hitched to everything in the Universe."  John Muir

Ahh back from the wilderness of the Yosemite backcountry.  Upon my return from the forest and mountains I found some pebbles and bits in my pockets and saved them on my altar.  

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Building Habits of Abundance

To change habits requires some positive feedback for behaviors and habits which will take you to who and where you want to be.

  • Key Action Items to start with:
    • Notice how you feel when you stick to your commitments.
    • Join or create a support group which will acknowledge you as you acknowledge them. You4ia!  is a great place to find co-creators.
    • Reward yourself when you achieve a goal. Celebrate!
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Define Your Abundance

Here is a little exercise to help you set intentions and focus on what you want.

It's up to you to define what abundance means to you. You are in abundance when  your daily life is aligned with your inner desires. So to achieve abundance, you need to know yourself. Write in your Abundance Notebook or personal journal what abundance means to you. Use one or more of the following items as a guide:

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Law of Attraction Stories: mine and yours!

When you practice the thoughts of the things that you desire they must show up in your experience.  It is Law. ---Abraham

Stories of connection, attraction, serendipity and coincidence are the evidence, the proof, that Law of Attraction is at work/play all the time everywhere.  

Powerful Moments

Have you ever asked yourself how am I feeling in this moment? Here and now is all you have. The attracting force is here and now in your powerful moments.

Stop, listen and feel for the thought that feels good and you will attract wonderful things, people and experiences to you. Go ahead and practice and see what happens....


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