Law of Attraction: Fact or Fiction?

Many readers know Law of Attraction at a deep level and for others it is a new and foreign topic. Law of Attraction: That which is like itself is drawn.  Simple.  What evidence do we have that that is a fact?

For those practiced in LOA principles find joy and delight in the simplest of moments that to them show LOA in action.  The phone call from the friend you were thinking of a moment before.  The lights all green all the way home.  The dog barking in the grocery store parking lot reminding you to pick up your laundry---not really--the dog food.

Celebrate the Positive

“Talent is always conscious of its own abundance, and does not object to sharing.”
---Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Celebrating the positive in your life opens your being to receive more, and inspires your imagination and creativity. Exploring new ways of celebration helps to expand your being beyond your comfort zone, so that you can receive more. Do you remember a time when you were celebrating and happy and wanted to take a “risk” of trying something you have never done before? Perhaps it was just saying “Hi” or “Nice Day!” to a stranger. How great did that feel?


Power Within

The word income (everything is within you).  Incoming attractions to your abundance within.

Can you imagine what's coming... 

Those that are aware of the wisdom within are embracing the abundance of the universe in a profound way. Your thoughts of preferences and desires are the becoming of you. The individual consciousness that is you knows no limitations. 


My first Abu-Dance blog entry: Awesome writing team!

Our co-authored book is called Abu-Dance: Dancing with Abundance.  How to experience more wealth, a happy heart and an authentic life. By Edwin Basye, Jude Heyland and Jim Ross

We three look forward to sharing excerpts from our writing process as we near completion of our long-term joy filled project: our first of many book. Look for multiple entries each week. Since we are all new to each other let's start with our vision and see how we all align.

Intentions Are Powerful

Believe me, you can have anything you want--and in abundance-when you learn to tune into the power within, an infinitely greater power than electricity, a power you have had from the beginning.

~ Roger McDonald (from Message of a Master)

Some years ago, in an alternative financial workshop I attended, I was instructed to write a "vow of poverty" in conjunction with setting up a spiritual ministry or church.  So I wrote it up and signed it. In the next year, 2001, I lost nearly all my life savings in some investments that in retrospect I realized were extremely risky. Fast forward to 2006: I decided that I'd had enough of the poverty vibration and burned my vow of poverty document. Then I wrote up a replacement document with an intention of abundance. The very next day, I received an unexpected check in the mail for over $17,000!  



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