Pack love

Dogs recognize some people as fellow dogs.  

                                                                                      ---Jim Ross

I was training for backpacking, in my beloved Yosemite, at my local park when I met a pair of dogs as they passed me with their people.  I gave my customary greeting, "Hi Buddies."  They stopped briefly for some rubs and cruised on ahead.  The yellow lab buddy stopped a few yards ahead and looked back at me as if to say, "Come on you are part of the pack."  The owner said she only stops for certain people. 

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Willingness and intention=free cupcakes

I walked into the store fully intending to get a free replacement for my defective cupcake.  I walked into the store fully prepared to pay for a replacement cupcake. When I pulled out my money the clerk said, "Oh please just take it-it is on the house!"  

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Define Your Abundance

Here is a little exercise to help you set intentions and focus on what you want.

It's up to you to define what abundance means to you. You are in abundance when  your daily life is aligned with your inner desires. So to achieve abundance, you need to know yourself. Write in your Abundance Notebook or personal journal what abundance means to you. Use one or more of the following items as a guide:

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Law of Attraction Stories: mine and yours!

When you practice the thoughts of the things that you desire they must show up in your experience.  It is Law. ---Abraham

Stories of connection, attraction, serendipity and coincidence are the evidence, the proof, that Law of Attraction is at work/play all the time everywhere.  

Power Within

The word income (everything is within you).  Incoming attractions to your abundance within.

Can you imagine what's coming... 

Those that are aware of the wisdom within are embracing the abundance of the universe in a profound way. Your thoughts of preferences and desires are the becoming of you. The individual consciousness that is you knows no limitations. 


My first Abu-Dance blog entry: Awesome writing team!

Our co-authored book is called Abu-Dance: Dancing with Abundance.  How to experience more wealth, a happy heart and an authentic life. By Edwin Basye, Jude Heyland and Jim Ross

We three look forward to sharing excerpts from our writing process as we near completion of our long-term joy filled project: our first of many book. Look for multiple entries each week. Since we are all new to each other let's start with our vision and see how we all align.


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