Willingness and intention=free cupcakes

I walked into the store fully intending to get a free replacement for my defective cupcake.  I walked into the store fully prepared to pay for a replacement cupcake. When I pulled out my money the clerk said, "Oh please just take it-it is on the house!"  

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Law of Attraction: Fact or Fiction?

Many readers know Law of Attraction at a deep level and for others it is a new and foreign topic. Law of Attraction: That which is like itself is drawn.  Simple.  What evidence do we have that that is a fact?

For those practiced in LOA principles find joy and delight in the simplest of moments that to them show LOA in action.  The phone call from the friend you were thinking of a moment before.  The lights all green all the way home.  The dog barking in the grocery store parking lot reminding you to pick up your laundry---not really--the dog food.

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